Maintaining a safe work environment is a good policy for a number of reasons. Keeping your staff safe should be an end in itself, of course, but it is also worth considering how failing to do so can potentially lead to the ruin of your business. CHARNAUD® points out three disastrous results of bad safety practice.

How Unsafe Work Practices Can Ruin Your Business

What will happen if you don’t maintain a safe workplace? The obvious answer is that injuries of varying severity may result, but what could this really mean for your business? Here are three consequences of bad safety practices that could seriously damage your company.

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1. Loss Of Morale and Productivity

If poor safety practices lead to serious injury or even death, the immediate consequence will be a loss of morale among your staff. The result will be increased staff turnover and a decrease in output. Staff will start to think that you don’t have their safety at heart – and that is not likely to foster an environment of participation and productivity. By focusing on maintaining good health and safety standards, you make your staff feel safe and appreciated and keep them motivated and engaged.

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2. Reputational Damage

If it should become widely known that injuries occur at your workplace due to bad safety standards, your reputation will soon start to suffer. A good reputation is vital to any business’s success. A poor reputation can cause customers and investors to look elsewhere and will certainly prevent good workers from seeking positions at your company.

3. Legal Repercussions

If you neglect your legal responsibilities to your staff, they have every right to take legal action against you, particularly if your bad practices lead to illness or injury. You may face heavy fines or, if cases go to court, end up being sued for exorbitant amounts of money. Either of these possibilities is likely to be ruinous.

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