Safety boots offer protection from cuts, burns, and impact in the workplace. They also offer grip when walking on slippery and/or uneven surfaces and help prevent falling and slipping which can range from moderate to serious injuries that require urgent medical attention. Safety boots need to be comfortable, versatile, and durable in the workplace and the ever-changing workplace conditions.

Let us take a look at the importance of safety boots in more detail.

Benefits of Safety Boots

CHARNAUD® safety boots come with slip-resistant soles offering improved footing to move around effortlessly in the workplace. Having the correct safety boots lowers the risk of injuries such as slipping and falling. In addition, stepping on sharp objects which can penetrate the foot. These injuries can range from moderate to severe.

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1. Protection From Falling Objects

Thanks to the protective toe cap found in CHARNAUD®’s safety boots, this will protect your employees’ feet from falling objects. Whilst working and carrying or moving heavy items around, employees could easily drop the objects on their feet. However, a quality pair of safety boots protects your employees against injuries resulting from the activities mentioned above that could occur in your workplace.

2. Protection Against Slipping and/or Tripping

You could have wet floor signs erected all over your workplace and spills cleaned up timeously, however, it is inevitable that an employee will have a slip from time to time, especially when work undertaken regularly occurs in wet conditions. With CHARNAUD®’s E20300 safety boots which have a nonslip sole, your employees are protected from falls and slips that may result in head trauma and broken bones from attempting to break the fall.

3. Supporting Your Feet and Beyond

Safety boots will not only protect your employee’s feet but their whole body too. This is due to arch and ankle support which encourages a better posture overall and their body weight being evenly distributed. This will protect their body from strained muscles, and fatigue, and your employees will work more productively.

4. Protection From Electrical Shocks

CHARNAUD®’s safety boots are made of non-conductive leather and rubber. CHARNAUD®’s safety boots are rated to withstand a 20 kV electric shock, which can result in death.

5. Avoiding Legal Action

Ensuring that your employees wear protective footwear in the workplace not only protects them but you too. You will be protecting your company from Injury on Duty cases and possible lawsuits. Lawsuits can be a costly and drawn-out process which can result in a loss of productivity while cases are being investigated.

Ensure Your Team Is Properly Protected

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality safety boots for a variety of professions. Contact us today to order the safety boots for your employees.