Trade shows have long been popular and effective marketing tools for businesses across all sectors. CHARNAUD® often exhibits at industry related trade shows in venues around the world. Here is what you need to know about trade shows, and why it is so important to attend them, both as a seller and a buyer.

What Is A Trade Show?

A trade show is a gathering of professionals and businesses in a single venue to exchange knowledge and showcases products and services. Each trade show is directed at a particular sector, which means that all attendees are there for the same purpose, with an interest in the same general subject matter. Each exhibitor therefore has the opportunity to showcase products and solutions to a captive audience. In turn, each visitor will be able to seek out specific solutions to their particular needs.

Trade shows are primarily intended for B2B businesses, who can spread their knowledge of their industry and products and connect with potential buyers in a setting that is created for this specific purpose. Exhibitors can generate leads, perhaps even close deals, and expand their network of colleagues, clients, and suppliers.

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Why Do They Matter?

Trade shows offer numerous benefits for both exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors can use this unique, targeted platform to make sales, generate leads, assess the competition, grow relationships with existing clients, introduce new products, gather feedback and spot rising trends.

Visitors, get the opportunity to find solutions to specific requirements, and they can check and assess competing solutions within a single exhibition space. They also have the opportunity to learn more about the industry and its current trends, which help them to be better informed about their purchasing choices.

Overall, trade shows are a win-win for both sellers and buyers, providing a dedicated marketplace and learning environment where the latest developments can be showcased and evaluated, and new business links can be forged.

At CHARNAUD®, we love engaging with people and educating them on our products. Relationships matter to us and we believe that trade shows are the perfect platform to meet with new and existing clients where we can share news on new products, product launches, gain market insight and feedback.
Trade Shows enables us to continually move forward and ensure continuous improvement.
Our friendly sales reps look forward to meeting you at the next trade show.

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