Metal fabrication involves the use of machinery and hazardous materials; therefore, it is critical for workplaces to prioritize safety. Employees in a metal fabrication workshop or factory can put themselves at risk of injury when not supplied with the correct PPE. Understanding and familiarizing yourself with common metalworking safety tips can protect your staff and assist you with implementing these steps in your everyday work schedule. Let us take a look at the importance of hot metal protective wear in more detail.

Metal Safe PPE

CHARNAUD® offers a wide range of METAL-SAFE® PPE to fully protect your employees while working. Being aware of the risks can help to protect your employees from injuries and provide a safe and productive work environment. Below are four risks with metalworking.

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1. Being Organized

Organizing your workshops tools, gear and equipment creates a clear and easily accessible working environment. Act quickly to identify, report, cordon off, and clean spills. These steps will also assist in identifying how it happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Keep walkways clearly marked and clear at all times. Regularly service machinery and equipment.

2. Understanding How to Handle Metal Working Liquids

Metal fabrication involves a variety of liquids that require careful treatment processes. A fluid management program can reduce risks by assigning people who will manage fluid safety.

3. Safety Rules

Keeping all employees educated of your company’s safety assists them to perform effectively. Extensive safety training is imperative not only when staff join your company but as policies and safety rules are amended. Holding workers accountable for violating safety protocols further emphasizes the importance of following them.

4. Wearing The Correct PPE

CHARNAUD®’s wide range of METAL-SAFE® PPE will protect your employees fully. Ensure your employees wear the correct eyewear protection, visors, gloves, aprons, suits and safety boots. You can browse the full range here.

Ensure Your Team Is Properly Protected by Partnering with CHARNAUD®

CHARNAUD® is a renowned supplier of metal safe PPE. Contact us today to order the correct Metal-Safe PPE for your employees to keep them protected on the job.

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