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In addition to manufacturing and distributing personal protective clothing and safety equipment, CHARNAUD also offers garment aftercare and custom branding services.

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As a leading global supplier of protective clothing, CHARNAUD manufactures more than a thousand certified products, made for head-to-foot safety in any environment.

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About Us

CHARNAUD is committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers and constantly strives to deliver products that are on the cutting edge of innovation.

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We have been using SURVIVE-ARC ® work suits for the last 5 years. From the very first day, we noticed its superior quality. We are pleased to report that, to date, we have had zero injuries as a result of product failure. We will continue to support CHARNAUD and look forward to procuring new products.

Emmanuel Leserwane, Electrical Supervisor

Following a devastating arc flash incident in 2014 and after attending a seminar by CHARNAUD we knew we needed to ensure that all our workers had the correct PPE for the job. This was implemented in 2015. Since then, we have had three arc flash incidents and because the staff were dressed in CHARNAUD SURVIVE-ARC® gear; all four workers survived, with the first employee having no injuries, two being hospitalised as a result of injuries to their hands and faces as they didn’t wear their entire PPE kit. The fourth employee was exposed to a much higher CAL event then the PPE was designed for and still survived. The garments are comfortable and of good quality. The average life span of the garments far exceeds that of our pervious suppliers. We are thankful to CHARNAUD for the added training, incident investigation and product support they afforded us.

Nico Pieterse, Specialist Thermographer Level III

We have purchased our electrical PPE from CHARNAUD for the past 12 years and are completely satisfied with their products. They are the only company that can provide the proof, via certification and proven results, that their garments are both safe and comfortable.’

Glen Ochse, Electrical Foreman

Dankie aan CHARNAUD vir die SURVIVE-ARC® beskermend klerasie, dis gemaklik en by verre die beste kwaliteit. Dankie ook vir julle naverkoopdiens en spoedige aflewering.

CJ Vermeulen