The correct hand protection can reduce the risk of workplace injuries by up to 60%. Hand injuries are all too common because they are a primary means by which we engage in our work. Cuts, punctures and burns can easily happen as we carry out our daily tasks. So, it is important to have the right gloves to protect your workers from the specific hazards they expose their hands to every day. CHARNAUD® explains what you need to look for when selecting the right hand protection.

What to Look for In Your Protective Handwear

When looking to equip your staff for safe, incident-free workdays, it is always vital to select the right gloves. If you keep the following five factors in mind, you should have no trouble selecting exactly the right pair to suit each worker.

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1. Good Fit

The reason that many people tend to neglect wearing gloves is that they are not satisfied with the fit. If they are too big and loose, they can interfere with workers’ ability to do their jobs. If they are too small, they can be uncomfortable or restrictive. It is important to select gloves that can fit a fairly wide range of hand sizes, or make sure that you have a range of sizes available for your entire workforce.

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2. Thermal And Chemical Resistance

If you are dealing with heat and chemicals, you must have gloves that provide sufficient thermal and chemical resistance. There are several standards used to measure the level of protection that gloves provide. In Europe, there is the EN standard, whilst the US uses the ANSI/ISEA standard. Ask your PPE dealer about the various gloves they offer and how they are rated for the risks in your profession.

3. Laceration Protection

Workers need gloves that can effectively protect them against all possible lacerations they face in their daily work. There are three different kinds of lacerations, and different professions are prone to different ones. The three kinds are abrasions, punctures and cuts. Once you are sure which of these your work makes you and your staff most prone to, you can select the correct glove.

4. Dexterity And Grip

In addition to size and fit, it is also very important that gloves are designed for free movement, ensuring that the wearer’s dexterity is not impeded. It is possible to find light gloves that provide a high level of safety. Gloves must also not impede the worker’s grip, so ask your PPE dealer about what solutions they can provide to ensure good grip. Such solutions include rubber coatings or foamed nitrile abrasion coatings.

5. Value For Money

Finally, be sure you are getting the best value on your gloves. This does not mean looking for the lowest price, but rather shopping around to find gloves that perform all the functions you need, and are as durable as possible. This often comes down to the materials used to make the gloves, particularly the abrasion coating, such as PVC, nitrile or polyurethane.

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CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. We can help equip your staff for their daily duties and risks, and ensure that they are all fitted with the correct handwear to keep them safe and prevent injury. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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