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Tips & Best Practices for Conducting a Site Safety Audit

If the nature of your workplace is hazardous, like a construction site for example, then conducting a site safety audit is the most effective way for a company to gauge [...]

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All Arc Rated fabrics are Flame Resistant, but not all Flame-Resistant fabrics are Arc Rated.

The letters “AR” stand for Arc Rated and the letters “FR” stand for flame resistant, ALL AR clothing is flame resistant (FR), but not all FR clothing has been Arc [...]

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Latest CHARNAUD firefighting bunker, rescue suits are a world-first

The company’s latest bunker gear and fire-rescue garments, named CHARNAUD AIR-LITE and CHARNAUD RESCUE-LITE respectively, were unveiled and launched officially at the 31st Southern African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI) conference [...]

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