Properly-sized PPE is an important factor in mitigating safety risks on your job site. While there are several factors that contribute to the effectiveness of PPE, ensuring that each staff member has the right fit is one very important consideration. CHARNAUD® explains why this is so important.

The importance of finding the right fit

The wearing of PPE is essential for your workers. One important way to ensure that everyone is properly suited up when they start their shifts is to provide the right fit for each worker. Properly sized PPE is more comfortable to wear, and workers are thus more likely to wear it. If certain garments are too tight, to loose, etc., people may very easily be discouraged from wearing it.

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Comfort And Protection Require The Proper Fit

In addition to overalls and jackets, common PPE types include goggles, hard hats, boots and earplugs. All of these items can be uncomfortable if they are not properly fitted. When it comes to devices such as respirators or full body suits, proper fit is not merely a matter of comfort. These items need to be carefully fitted to provide adequate movement and hazard protection.

Correct sizing leads to comfort and ease of use and ensures that all staff members are properly protected when they are performing their duties. When procuring PPE, therefore, be careful to obtain the correct sizes and specifications for each of your workers and then purchase the right size gear for them. If you are providing for a crew whose members change often, be prepared by ensuring that you have sufficient numbers of each size to accommodate new contractors. Even if most of your staff are Mediums and Larges, you never know when an XXL wearer might sign onto your team.

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Make Your Workplace Safer In 2022 With CHARNAUD®’S Quality PPE

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. All of our PPE collections come in a range of sizes to fit all of your workers. Contact us for advice and quotations on effective and comfortable PPE.

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