Dependable rainwear is a pre-requisite for a variety of professions. As you shop for waterproof clothing to issue to your workers, you need to follow both the standard protection guidelines and your staff’s comfort. CHARNAUD® explains how to choose the right protective handwear to address the meet the highlights the four most important points to bear in mind as you make your choice.

What To Look For In Rainwear

Heavy-duty rainwear has one primary purpose: to keep your staff dry and comfortable so that they can continue to carry out their tasks even in the midst of a downpour. This purpose depends on a combination of waterproof protection and smart design. These can be broken down into the following four key attributes. Consider these and ask your supplier about them as you look at the various options available to you.

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Most importantly, of course, rainwear must be waterproof. The technical definition of waterproofness is the resistance that water encounters as it does penetrates fabric. A garment’s waterproofness needs to be consistent even after repeated washing, abrasions bending or contact with substances such as fuels, oils and other chemicals. Waterproofness is measured in terms of the hydrostatic pressure that acts on the material. Different garments are designed to withstand different levels of hydrostatic pressure: some are designed for light rain, while others are built for heavy rainfall. Think about the conditions your staff will have to work in and choose the appropriate level of waterproofness.

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As much as rainwear needs to offer solid resistance to water penetration, it also needs to allow air circulate. This is a major factor in the level of comfort workers experience when wearing the garments. Rain must be kept out but the water vapour that emanates from the workers’ bodies as they exert themselves must allowed to escape. This helps to regulate the body temperature and keep workers cool and comfortable.

Vapour-Permeable Membranes

The worker’s level of comfort is also determined by the material used to make the rainwear. Various types of vapour-permeable membranes are used in the production of rainwear to protect against precipitation. These membranes offer high resistance to water penetration while also being highly permeable to water vapour. They also provide a high degree of protection against wind. Manufacturers use substances such as Teflon, polyester and polyurethane to make these membranes. Speak to your manufacturer about the membranes included in their rainwear and the degree of protection and permeability they offer.


Materials are important, but so are design and workmanship. Examine the products and consider the quality carefully. Things to look out for are glued or laminated seams, or rubberised zippers that prevent water from penetrating the material.

It pays to take a considered and careful approach when choosing heavy duty rainwear for your staff. The quality and levels of protection that these garments provide will have a direct impact on your staff’s ability to carry out their work.

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