Some workers have to face sub-zero temperatures on a regular basis as they carry out their tasks. While this may be necessary and unavoidable, human beings are not meant to spend long periods in the cold, and our bodies will go through several natural physiological responses to compensate for the cold stress. As a result, PPE is essential for workers in cold conditions. CHARNAUD® explains how PPE protects you against the physiological response when you work in cold conditions.

What Is The Physiological Response To Working In Cold Conditions?

Our bodies react in certain predictable ways to various stresses. In the case of exposure to cold, the body displays a number of key physiological responses. These are collectively referred to as cold strain. Cold strain is what the body does in order to compensate for the loss of body heat. These reactions include vascular changes, shivering, increased metabolic production of heat, etc. The stress of exposure to cold can lead to illnesses and injuries such as hypothermia, frostbite, chilblains and more. Cold strain can also lead to cognitive decline and impaired judgment.

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How Does PPE Prevent the Physiological Response

To prevent cold strain and its effects, it is important to wear PPE that is specifically designed to protect against the cold. Such PPE must be insulated and layered to prevent the loss of body heat. This includes insulated coveralls, jackets, hoods and boots. It helps to wear several layers of clothing under your PPE, and to protect extremities with thermal socks, gloves and boots.

CHARNAUD®’s ZERO-TECH® range is specifically designed for workers who spend their work hours in cold conditions. The range includes the following:

  • Flame-resistant freezer jacket hood: Features a padded liner for extra thermal insulation, outer fabric that is flame resistant, and has a waterproof liner.
  • Flame-resistant trousers: Protects against cold conditions, as well as potential flame hazards also incorporating a padded liner and flame resistant outer shell.
  • E20300 boot: Full leather, non-metallic, safety half boot with laces, lining and padded collar. Comfortable modern design with energy absorbing heel, removable insole and puncture resistant textile midsole.
  • FR thermal sock: Mid-calf length sock with thick cushioned terry foot bed, reinforced toe and heel section. Double layer shank, knitted in an elastomeric “skeleton” that hugs the entire foot.

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