It goes without saying that firefighting is a dangerous job, yet many of the injuries and fatalities that occur in the profession are actually preventable. CHARNAUD® explains the importance of using the correct PPC/E in keeping firefighters safe.

The Importance of Firefighting PPC/E

A recent study in the United States sought to discover the reasons why 80 to 100 firefighters die in the line of duty each year. The researchers found that there were several causes that contributed to fatal incidents; including the length of time a firefighter had spent on the job, how healthy and well rested individuals were when on duty, as well as whether or not they had received the correct training and PPC/E. One thing is certain: all other factors being as they should be, one of the most important contributors to injury and death among firefighters is the use of improper or low-quality PPC/E. Issuing good PPC/E is one of the best ways to ensure that firefighters are kept safe.

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How to Keep Firefighters Safe

Assuming that firefighters are healthy and alert when called to perform their duty, what is most important is that they have a strong line of defence against flames and heat, which is why they need quality, flame-resistant PPC/E. CHARNAUD®’S FIRE-SAFE® range is a complete flame-resistant safety solution for firefighters. The items in this range, which includes overalls, light weight bunker suits, rescue suits, thermal socks, gloves, boots, balaclavas and more, are all designed to provide protection against heat and flames. They are certified according to international standards and are both comfortable, robust and light weight.

While the quality of training, as well as the mental and physical health of individual firefighters, are important, excellent PPC/E is integral in enabling firefighters to perform optimally.

In terms of breathability and comfort the “AIR-LITE” firefighting bunker and Rescue Suit is:

  1. 25% lighter than the average firefighting or rescue garments.
  2. 40% more breathable then the next best firefighting or rescue garments.
  3. Significant reduction in stress on the user due to its super light-weight and highly breathable construction.
  4. Blood borne Pathogen resistant.
  5. Increased body coverage through an extended back section.
  6. Excellent water vapour transfer ability allows user to operate for longer, below the body stress threshold.

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Trust CHARNAUD® for Quality Firefighting Gear

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality firefighting clothing and equipment, as well as other safety gear. Contact us for advice and quotations on quality PPC/E, including firefighting gear and safety equipment for a host of other professions.

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