Working with molten metal is a dangerous occupation. Foundries, steelworks and similar facilities are filled with numerous risks that could lead to serious injury. However, quality PPE assists getting workers through their shifts safely. CHARNAUD® explains how to stay safe and avoid injuries when working with hot metal.

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Staying Safe When Working with Molten Metal

While it is important to follow procedures very carefully when working with molten metal, even the strictest safety precautions will have little effect if they are not accompanied by robust protective wear. -Wearing the correct PPE is undoubtedly the most effective way to reduce risks in any environment in which molten metal is being handled. The risks involved with this line of work range in severity from minor splashes to substantial spillage and even explosions.

At a minimum, the type of gear required must be tested for use with heat and flame. However, this is not sufficient for hot metal. All garments worn in this industry must also be tested for optimum protection for the metal in question. Molten aluminium requires a different kind of protection than molten iron, for example. which is then further graded according to the mass of molten material it is designed to withstand.

CHARNAUD®’S Metal-Safe Range

CHARNAUD®’s METAL-SAFE® range takes molten metal protection to the next level by providing all-purpose safety gear that can be worn regardless of what metal you are working with. These garments, including aprons, gloves, hoods, boots, sleeve protectors and more, are aluminised to provide a maximised, impenetrable barrier against molten metal, iron splash, and flames. The range is ideal for smelters and furnaces,

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