Health and safety is the responsibility of everybody in a workplace, not just the management and one or two designated safety officers. Every member of your team should take an active role in ensuring that everyone is safe. CHARNAUD explains how to get every team member involved in maintaining your company’s health and safety record and making work safer, more pleasant and more productive for everyone in your organisation.

How to Involve Your Workers in Health and Safety

Workplace safety is a collective responsibility., however, it is up to the management team to ensure that all your staff opt into your safety program and accept their place in it. Here are three steps you can take to ensure their buy-in.

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1. Communicate Regularly with Your Team on Health and Safety Matters

As with most other parts of your operations, success is dependent on good communication. Keep health and safety at the front of every employee’s mind with regular messaging through memos, posters, meetings, Toolbox Talks and other media. Health and safety practices should form a major part of a new employee’s orientation process and should then be an important part of regular in-house communications going forward. While you should drive home the importance of good safety practices to ensure that there are no injuries or fatalities, you should also make it a point of pride to keep your factory, workshop or office incident-free.

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2. Give Workers the Responsibility of Maintaining Their Own Safety and That of Their Co-Workers

Once you have communicated health and safety practices and statistics to your team, you need them to internalise this knowledge and understand that each one of them has a stake in keeping the company safe and avoiding any possible hazards. Provide ways for them to become involved in risk identification and assessment and give each worker the task of ensuring that everyone around them is safely following procedure(s).

3. Train Your Staff Well and Issue Them with High Quality PPE

Most importantly, your staff must be well trained and must always have the correct protective clothing. You can’t expect your team to take health and safety seriously if you are not doing your part and showing them that their safety is your key concern. You can do this via thorough, professional training programmes – with updates when necessary – and by issuing quality, top-of-the-line PPE. Regardless of whether your business is metalwork, electrical, firefighting, mining or agriculture, PPE is central to your safety policies and practices. Consult a dedicated PPE provider such as CHARNAUD® and get fully equipped with all you need to ensure your workers’ health and peace of mind.

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