Arc flash is hardly an uncommon phenomenon. In the United States, it is estimated that it occurs between five and ten times per day, resulting in over 400 fatalities and 30,000 incidents per year. Statistics in the UK and South Africa are somewhat less certain. Considering the sheer scale of electrical installations across an industrialised nation such as the United States, five to ten events per day may not seem like that many – indeed, in the grand scheme of things, major arc flash accidents are indeed relatively rare. However, they can still cause considerable damage, the worst-case scenario being the loss of life, and could happen at any time. CHARNAUD® looks at this phenomenon and how we can protect workers against it.

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What You Need To Know About Arc Flash

Arc flash is a term used to describe low impedance connections in an electrical system. The low impedance allows movement of unwanted electrical discharge through the air from one phase to another. The resulting change in temperature and pressure can cause an explosion, which is called an arc flash The flash can lead to fires, shrapnel, and serious, even fatal injuries. Aside from taking steps to prevent the creation of an environment in which arc flashes can occur, you should also ensure that your team wears appropriate protective gear to keep them safe should an arc flash occur. You can browse the CHARNAUD® range, SURVIVE-ARC®, that protects workers from the detrimental effects of an arc flash.

PPE To Protect Against Arc Flash

While the prevention of an arc flash is always the best option, it pays to prepared for all eventualities, including equipping your electrical crews with the PPE they require, to protect them, should an arc flash occur. CHARNAUD®’s SURVIVE-ARC® range is specially designed to protect electrical workers. It includes shirts, boots, gloves and switching suits and hoods. This equipment is made to protect against the thermal effects from arc flash, flash fire and flames.

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