Molten metal is excessively hot. In order to melt, steel must first reach a temperature of 1,200-1,370°C. Aluminium melts at a much lower temperature of around 660°C – still hot enough to do serious damage and cause injuries. Working with such risky materials is best left to skilled workers – ones who are equipped with the correct PPE and accessories. CHARNAUD® explains what is needed to prevent injuries under these circumstances and takes you through the equipment we have designed specifically for this purpose.

Protecting Eyes, Hands and Feet From Molten Metal

When working with molten metal, it is essential to wear overalls, jackets and/or trousers that provide protection against flame, heat and molten metals. Aside from this, you also need to protect your face, hands and feet from spills and splashes.

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CHARNAUD® ALU-SAFE® equipment is internationally certified for high-performance protection against the hazards of molten aluminium and cryolite splash. It has the ability to shed molten aluminium and cryolite in much the same way that waterproof clothing sheds water. This is no mean feat, since these substances stick to most fabrics. The garments and accessories in this range are permanently flame resistant for the life of the garment and can protect workers from head to foot for a significant period of time.

In addition to conti suits, trousers, jackets, overalls and coats, the range also includes accessories such as balaclavas, specially-designed hot metal boots, socks, a hood cape, and more.

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. We can help workers of all occupations to protect themselves against the hazards of their daily tasks. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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