Hands are the most important tools for any employee. It does not matter what kind of work is being done – hands are part of the job. Of the hazards faced on the job, exposure to fire and open flames can be extremely dangerous. Burns from a fire can result in lifelong injuries and disfigurement leading to impaired function. One way that employers and organisations can ensure their employees remain safe is to ensure they are issued the correct of PPE/C. CHARNAUD®FIRE-SAFE® is a head to foot® range of fire-fighting PPE/C, designed for people who are exposed to fire and open flames in their line of work.

Protect your Most Important Tools

Fire-fighters work in harsh environments, so their PPE/C must be up to the challenge and every element counts. Seemingly small details such as the fit of a trouser leg, the closure of a sleeve cuff or the weight of a fire-fighting helmet have an impact on the safety and performance of the wearer. Structural and wildland fire-fighters face different conditions which means they may not require the same kind of fire-fighting PPE/C. Gloves can seem like an afterthought when they should be one of the first things considered when it comes to fire-fighting PPE/C. A structural fire-fighter may require a glove with greater abrasion resistance whilst a wildland fire-fighter may require a glove with a lighter weight and greater dexterity. Whatever their unique requirements are, one thing remains and that is their PPE/C needs to work to protect them against the negative thermal effects of fire.

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Opt for High-Performance Gloves

Among the kinds of risks fire-fighters face are burns, cuts and abrasions, impact injury and contact with harmful airborne particulates and volatile organic compounds. First and foremost a fire-fighter’s gloves must provide a physical barrier between their hands and whatever hazards they face. While a glove may offer protection it may impede mobility and dexterity. A fire-fighting glove may keep the wearer’s hands safe from hazards but how comfortable is the glove when worn for long periods? Over and above the unique characteristics of a fire-fighting glove, one should also consider how the comfort and fit of the glove will affect their performance. The CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® range of PPE/C offers head-to-foot® protection and the CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® Structural Fire-fighting Glove offers several important protective qualities:

  • A more breathable membrane that is waterproof and pathogen-resistant;
  • Innovative 3D design that accounts for the anatomy of the hand and its natural movement;
  • A strong grip and anti-slip is provided by the coating on the glove’s palm and thumb;
  • Outstanding cut resistance to protect the wearer’s hands from a multitude of hazards;
  • Enhanced impact protection especially on the areas of the glove where the joints of the hands are, and;
  • An excellent fit and good dexterity which is enhanced by the flexible knit wrist on the cuff of the glove.

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Personal protective clothing and equipment PPE/C can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. In highly dangerous occupations PPE must perform to a high standard and offer protection suited to the hazards of the job. Not all fire-fighting gloves are made equal, and it is worth investing in some of the best fire-fighting PPE on the market. CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® comprises a full head-to-foot® range made for personnel exposed to the dangers of fire and flames. Talk to your CHARNAUD® representative today for more information

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