Electrical workers know and understand that electric arc-flash is an ever-present danger. You could go your entire career without ever experiencing it, or you could experience one tomorrow. You never know, which is why you need comprehensive electrical PPE to protect yourself in all situations. CHARNAUD® explains what is required to achieve full-body protection against an electric arc flash.

What Do You Need to Protect Against Arc Flash?

To ensure that your electrical workers are protected against the possibility of electric arc flash every time they perform their duties, you need to provide full, head-to-foot® protection against the thermal effects resulting from an electric arc flash. These effects that have the potential to cause permanent injury or death. Special arc flash PPE is therefore essential.

What are the primary components of electrical PPC/E?

The most important components are the materials from which the PPC is made. It should be arc-rated and flame resistant to protect workers against the thermal effects of an electric arc flash. This protection should cover every portion of the worker’s body, including their head, hands and feet. An arc suit, or arc rated coverall is an essential starting point, and this should be supplemented with the correct boots, head protection, gloves and goggles, to ensure total arc-rated protection.

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CHARNAUD® has developed the CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® range specifically to address the demands of professionals who face the risk of an electric arc flash every day. CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® is a head-to-foot® range of arc-rated electrical PPE that protects electrical workers and their teams against injuries that may result after exposure to an electric arc flash. The range includes; coveralls, jackets, double layer balaclavas, dielectric gloves, high energy balaclavas, and a high energy kit that includes goggles and a balaclava.

Our CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® garments are made of flame-resistant and  arc-rated fabric. The high energy goggles comprise an outer polycarbonate lens with a hard coat, and an inner propionate lens that is anti-fog coated. Their proprietary nanotechnology design provides the highest level of arc protection and durability in its class.

The high energy balaclava is designed to be worn with the goggles and meets the electrical arc flash hazard assessment requirements listed in NFPA 70E and tested under ASTM F2178 together for an ATPV of 45.8 cal/cm2.

Worn together with a hard hat, this system provides the same protection as the “bee keeper” style hoods commonly utilised for electric arc safety.

Our CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® boot is a full leather, non-metallic, safety half boot with laces, lining and padded collar. It boasts a comfortable modern design with energy absorbing heel, removable insole and puncture resistant textile midsole. The sole is non-slip, oil resistant, heat resistant to 300°C and additionally tested for electric shock resistance (dry conditions) up to 20kV.  

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