The electrical industry is a hazardous field. Not only is there a risk of electric shock, but also of injuries arising from exposure to fire and extreme heat. Among the many hazards that electricians and other workers in the industry face is the possibility of electric arc flash. Electric Arc flashes cause fires, explosions which usually include incredibly hot molten metal shrapnel. CHARNAUD® has developed its CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® PPE range specifically to protect workers against arc flashes and their consequences.

Why You Need Arc Protection

Anybody who has experienced an electric arc flash will know exactly why it is so important to be protected against them. An electric arc flash occurs when two components in an electrical system connect through the air or another voltage phase. The electric arc fault results in a massive release of energy, causing intense light and heat and scattering molten metal over a significant distance.  Exposure to this extreme heat and light can cause severe burns. When metal shrapnel hits the skin, it rapidly cools and can become lodged in the flesh, ignite clothing or even cause lung damage if inhaled.

High-quality FR and AR rated PPE is absolutely essential to protect workers against these risks.

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The CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® range is the perfect PPE solution for electrical workers. It is made from permanently flame-resistant and arc-rated material to protect workers against the thermal effects of electric arc flashes. The range includes head-to-foot® coverage and is permanently FR and AR throughout the lifetime of each garment. Comfort is just as important as protection when it comes to PPE, which is why these garments are made to rest lightly but snugly on each worker, with minimal encumbrance to the execution of their duties.

Included in the range are hard hats, shield kits, over-coats, shirts, boots, underwear, socks, coveralls, gloves, balaclavas and accessories such as carry bags. The entire range constitutes essential equipment for electrical crews, alongside any of the most fundamental tools for the job.

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