The 2022 ETS Industrial Emergency Response Competition saw 19 equally determined and competitive teams enter. ETS is an annual and long-standing event, leading the way in industrial firefighting competitions in South Africa. It invites and hosts Industrial as well as Open Category fire-fighters from across the country.

More About the Competition

The ETS event provides a wonderful opportunity and platform for the show-casing of the CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® Air-Lite Fire-Fighting Bunker Suit as well as our head to foot® range of accessories, including boots and gloves. The event facilitates CHARNAUD®’s ability showcases the superior performance of our firefighting Bunker Suit in real life simulations.

CHARNAUD® entered a team of 6 professional fire-fighters to come and display their skills.  These individuals were all provided with CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® Air-Lite Bunker Suits and accessories. In 2021, four other contestants were loaned Bunker Suits to test.

Since 2021 many have realised the advantage of having this superior quality, lightweight and highly breathable CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® AIR-LITE Bunker Suit. In 2022 more teams were completely kitted in the CHARNAUD® kit and approximately 30 participants enjoyed this superior performance.

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Competition Results

The winners of the Toughest fire Team event completed the challenge in an unbelievable time of 5 minutes and 53 seconds. SAPPI NGODWANA’s team Leader Ruan comments: “If it was not for the superior comfort and fit of the CHARNAUD® Boots my whole team were wearing we would still be running the stairs” smiling and looking down at his tired legs.

CHARNAUD® is exceedingly proud of their team consisting of Baigum Abrahams, Esther Theron, Edwin Lottering, Emile Conrad, Neels Kruger and Mervin van Ginkel who also took some accolades in the open categories.

  • Mental Challenge:            3rd Place
  • Main Scenario:                  4th Place
  • Toughest Fire Team:          2nd Place
  • Hose Laying event:            3rd Place


To the organisers and employees of the 2022 ETS Industrial Emergency Response Competition, CHARNAUD® is appreciative of the excellent event held. CHARNAUD® confirm that they will have 2 teams competing in the 2023 competition. Based on this year’s results we look forward to seeing more teams in our CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® Air-Lite Bunker Suits and our Boots and Gloves.

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