Personal protective equipment and clothing is designed to protect employee’s against any physical harm or hazards in the working environment your company operates in. PPE & PPC are known as the last line of defence in industries that are known to be hazardous. In addition to providing quality PPE & PPC, CHARNAUD® also offer customized branding for your team’s gear.

Why Brand Your PPE & PPC?

Branding PPE & PPC is crucial and has many benefits. Below we take a look at 4 reasons why you should brand PPE & PPC with CHARNAUD®. For more information on PPE & PPC, visit our blog page today.

1. Affiliate Your Business with A Reputable Brand

CHARNAUD® have been in the PPE & PPC industry since 1975. Being associated with a well-established brand gives you and your team a feeling of confidence, as all of our products carry national and international certification. Partnering with a reputable PPE supplier ensures that you are investing in only the best safety gear for your team. Knowing that your team are protected by high-quality garments reinforces the feeling of safety, familiarity and trust.

2. Branding Differentiates Your Brand

In many industries where protective attire is imperative, employees are often sharing a workspace site with other organisations. Without any branding, your team could be part of any one of them. Ensure anyone wearing your PPE & PPC are representing your company and its values while also identifying them at the same time

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3. Improve Brand Perception

It is known amongst the most successful companies that, how your brand is viewed is key to long-term success. If you had the choice between a contractor with branding and one without; you would likely choose the branded company as they come across more professional. PPE & PPC which is adequately branded can go a long way towards improving the way others perceive your brand.

4. Boosts Employee Satisfaction

If employees feel proud to be a part of your company, they are more likely to be satisfied. A key element from our experience is supplying uniforms for PPE & PPC for diversified companies. Employee’s whose uniforms are branded are proud to work for their company and feel more professional with an overall greater performance in the workplace.

Get Your PPE & PPC Customized with CHARNAUD® Today

Just because your team is in a hazardous environment, doesn’t mean your PPE & PPC should look generic. CHARNAUD® offer the additional service of custom branding. We can assist you with branded PPE & PPC attire for all our products. To chat to one of our helpful sales team, contact us today.

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