A fire needs oxygen and fuel to survive. Without one of these elements, the fire will die. When fighting these fires, it is crucial that your team are equipped with the right gear to fight these fires safely. CHARNAUD® have designed their CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® range to ensure your team remains safe in these hazardous environments. Here we discuss the top tips for fighting fires safely with fire season approaching.

Top Firefighting Tips from The Experts

CHARNAUD® have had decades of experience in the firefighting industry. Here are 5 firefighting tips to remember for the upcoming fire season. For more interesting information on PPE and PPC, visit our blog page.

1. Monitor Weather Conditions

Certain weather conditions can create fires by themselves, however human activities can aggravate the situation. High temperatures raise flammability of dry grass, leaves and litter. Strong winds facilitate the spread of wildfires and lightning strikes can be an ignition source in dry forests and open grasslands.

It is crucial to understand wildfire hazards resulting from natural factors. When planning regular operations, natural factors should be constantly monitored and taken into account to ensure that you and your team are prepared for any scenario.

2. Be Proactive

Fires usually spring upon us. Therefore, being proactive is key in the life-or-death situation. You can be proactive by having smoke detectors in place, as well as an evacuation plan with fire extinguishers accessible, en-route and at key points. Ensure Emergency numbers, particularly medical help, are familiarised and all hazardous waste and stock is kept in fireproof secure locations.

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3. Ensure Your Team Are Properly Protected

CHARNAUD® offers a wide range of CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® protective garments to ensure your team are safe when fighting deadly elements. CHARNAUD® has a full head-to-foot range of protective wear ensuring you and your staff are fully protected at all times.

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CHARNAUD® are committed to keeping your team safe this fire season. We can assist you with branded PPE & PPC attire for a variety of industries. To chat to one of our helpful sales team, contact us today.

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