PPE is not simply workwear. It can prevent injury and save lives. When work accidents happen, it is usually PPE – if it has been used at all – that has failed in some way. CHARNAUD® looks at the various reasons why PPE could fail. Take note of these potential problems to ensure that your team’s risks are always minimized.

Reasons for PPE Failure

When PPE does not succeed in preventing serious injury in the workplace, its failure could have arisen from a number of possible causes. Employers have an obligation to ensure that PPE does not fail, so they must be conscious of all the possible reasons that could lead to failure and do their best to prevent these scenarios from occurring. Take careful note of the following four possible causes of PPE failure.

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Incorrect Use Of PPE

For maximum efficacy, PPE must be used and worn in specific ways, and staff must be trained in correct PPE usage practice. Employers must provide thorough instruction on the use of PPE. The effectiveness of PPE is greatly reduced if it is not used correctly.

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Poorly Maintained PPE

When you purchase PPE from a reputable supplier such as CHARNAUD®, you will receive detailed instructions on the care and storage of your gear. It is very important that you adhere to these instructions carefully. Doing so will extend the life of your PPE, as well as making sure that it will perform properly day after day.

Items of PPE That Are Not Meant to Be Used Together

Wearing incompatible pieces of PPE can often lead to reduced protection. For example, you may not be able to wear safety goggles properly when paired with the wrong headgear or earmuffs. Be sure that all your PPE items are compatible with one another.

Low Quality or Uncertified PPE

If PPE is either of a low quality or is not specifically certified for the purpose your team is using it for, there is a risk of greatly reduced protection. It is not worth trying to save by purchasing sub-standard gear. Also, when you buy your gear, focus on equipping your team members from head-to-toe with gear that is designed to complement each other for particular kinds of work. CHARNAUD® has developed specific ranges of gear, each of which is appropriate for particular jobs and work conditions, such as firefighting (FIRE-SAFE®), smelting and foundry operations(METAL-SAFE®), cold conditions (ZERO-TECH®), and more.

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