Accidents in the workplace are unplanned occurrences that result in injuries, loss of property and/or production and, in worst case scenarios, death. While there is no way to prevent accidents entirely, there are accident prevention tips that can be taken to reduce the risk of them occurring. CHARNAUD® takes a look at 5 accident prevention tips to ensure a hazardous workplace is as safe as possible.

How to Make a Hazardous Work Environments Safer

Working in a hazardous workplace is extremely dangerous, which is why you want to take any and all measures to ensure your team are safe. For more information and tips on PPC/E, visit our blog page.

Tip 1: Beware of the Hazards

Ensure that your workplace and team have the adequate training to make them aware of their surroundings at all times, this is ensured by equipping them with the correct PPC to protect your staff from the identified risks. Training will assist your staff to constantly be aware of hazards that could cause harm, educate them on how to prevent the hazard and implement steps to stop a potential hazard from happening. Remember that PPE and PPC is a last resort when it comes to protection, the most important preventative measure is dealing with the source of danger. Once a hazard has been identified, it must be reported immediately.

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Tip 2: Create a safe work area

Keep an orderly workplace.  Poor housekeeping can cause serious health and safety hazards. The layout of the workplace should have adequate walkways and be free of debris and obstructions. Cluttered spaces can contribute to workplace accidents as they create distractions and reduce workspace.

Tip 3: Personal Protective Equipment

The proper use of Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) can dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Examples of PPC include protective gear such as hard hats, safety goggles, gloves and safety shoes. As previously mentioned, these are a last resort in preventing accidents. However, should there come a time when your team have to rely on their PPC/E, you want to ensure they are protected by quality garments.

Tip 4: Review Your Policies and Procedures

Once per year, as well as after workplace accidents, review your organization’s safety policies and procedures. Assess if they still apply to the risks that your employees face. Consider if staff are facing a new task, started using new equipment or tools, or moved to a new location, your health and safety committee should update these documents and the changes need to be communicated to the staff.

Tip 5: Perform Regular Inspections

Perform regular inspections of employees PPC, machinery, equipment and tools. Ensure that the tools employees use for their jobs are safe and function properly. Replace tools, PPC/E when necessary and maintain machinery continuously.

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