As one year ends and another begins, it is the perfect time to take stock of your business’s safety record and preparedness, and to set new goals for the maintenance and improvement of safety in the New Year. CHARNAUD® suggests 5 key safety resolutions to help you keep your workplace accident-free in 2022.

5 Resolutions to Increase Workplace Safety In 2022

It is very important not to become complacent about workplace safety. Even if you have successfully managed to keep your staff safe and avoid any health and safety incidents for an extended period, that doesn’t mean that something can’t go wrong in future. People get tired or lose concentration, equipment gets old or damaged. You must be prepared for any eventuality and ensure that your policies, training, and protective gear are all up to date. Read our blog for more tips and advice on all varieties of PPE.

1. Honestly Assess Your Workplace Conditions

As the year ends, now is the time to take a good, hard look at the safety conditions in your place of work. Are your policies still relevant, are your staff alert and compliant? Have they recently been given refresher training? What about the physical environment: is it still conducive to safe operations? Does equipment need to be replaced, repaired or upgraded? Does the area need to be cleared out? Ask hard questions about work environment and be prepared to answer honestly. You can then take effective, proactive steps to improve the situation.

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2. Refresh Your Safety Training Programs

During your safety assessment, you may come to the conclusion that your staff need training updates. Commit to educating them (or refreshing their education) about ways to stay safe at work in the coming year.

3. Clear Out the Workplace

Clutter collects so easily. As the work year progresses we are involved in our daily tasks, we therefore often don’t notice how things pile up in our work areas. Clutter can block paths and create hazards. Take the time to clear out the work area and ask every team member to contribute.

4. Commit To Using Well-Maintained, Safe Equipment

Take a close look at all your equipment too. Is it safe for use? Test the functioning of each machine, check inspection dates, and repair or replace wherever necessary.

5. Inspect And Upgrade Your PPE

Your entire health and safety regimen is only as good as the PPE you provide for your staff. There is no better time to inspect each and every item of your protective gear and ensure that it is still giving all the protection it is supposed to. If there is even the smallest sign of wear or failure, it is better to replace the relevant items. “Better safe than sorry” is never more applicable than in the case of workplace safety.

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