While it is true that all PPE & PPC is made to protect and potentially save the lives of the professionals who use it, there are some industries in which PPE & PPC can help save the lives of many others aside from those who put it on to do their jobs. As CHARNAUD® explains, one of these professions is firefighting.

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How PPE Helps Firefighters Save Lives

All of our emergency service workers face intense hazards and difficulties in their work, but only firefighters spend their working hours trying to control a powerful force of nature in their bid to protect people and property. Fires can very easily become out of control, creating additional hazards as they go, such as the risk of suffocation, being crushed by debris as burning buildings start to collapse. Firefighters face these tremendous odds as they work to protect and rescue members of the public. The only way they can succeed in this tough task is by always having quality, effective protective gear.

Standard firefighting PPE & PPC consists of the following elements:

  • A tunic made of fire-resistant fabric which maintains its structure and strength after exposure to heat. It should also be tough enough to resist cuts and rips.
  • Helmets that absorb impact, are durable and as lightweight as possible.
  • A flash hood that provides extra protection to the head and neck during structural firefighting.
  • Boots designed for safety and comfort, offering strong ankle support and reducing skeletal impact related injuries, as well as being lined with flame-retardant material.
  • Breathing apparatuses are needed when firefighters are involved in interior structural firefighting or in any place where high temperatures, oxygen deficiency, toxic substances, smoke or dust could interfere with normal breathing.

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CHARNAUD®’s Firefighting PPE & PPC

CHARNAUD® supplies a complete range of firefighting PPE in the form of our FIRE-SAFE line of garments and accessories. These products can be used in any profession where exposure to heat and flame is a common hazard. The line includes head-to-foot protection and is designed and manufactured according to international standards. Firefighters can trust CHARNAUD to keep them safe so they can save the lives of others.

CHARNAUD® would like to express our deepest appreciation to all firefighters who put their lives at risk as they worked hard to control the many structural fires recently ignited during the unrest in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. We encourage all members of the public to be more aware of the life-saving work that these emergency workers do, and the risks they take to protect their communities.

Trust CHARNAUD® for Quality PPE for Your Team

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE and how to incorporate it into your safety plans.

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