For many companies, particularly those that deal with hazardous materials and operate in hazardous work environments, a PPE management plan is essential. You can’t allow the wearing and managing of personal protective equipment to be left to chance. The safety of all of your employees depends on the creation and strict implementation of a PPE plan. The plan should be driven by a management team that practises what it preaches, inspiring buy-in from the rest of the employees. It should be well-thought out and carefully ordered, but very easy to adhere to. CHARNAUD® explains how to create a PPE management plan and put it into action.

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Creating a PPE Management Plan

Every company has a different set of needs. However, there is a basic set of steps that any business can follow to put a PPE plan in place. Just follow these three steps.

  1. Perform a hazard assessment: Assess your entire working environment – each different location on the premises – and look for hazards – everything from hazardous materials and machines to tripping risks and moving objects. Draw up a list of these hazards, dividing them into different categories, namely penetration, compression, chemical, heat/cold, light radiation and biological. Ask your employees for their views on how their jobs could be made safer.
  2. Appoint a safety committee: Choose a committee of employees who will be responsible for the management and implementation of the plan. This committee will play an integral role in drawing up the plan.
  3. Draft the plan: The exact content of your plan will depend on your company’s needs but, in general, it should include the following areas: a purpose statement, a section outlining the members of the committee and their collective and individual responsibilities, guidelines for all the PPE that your company will use, training guidelines and checklists that you can use to monitor your plan.

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Implementing Your Plan

Now that the plan is in place, start putting it into action with these four steps:

  1. Research And Strategize Your PPE: With the general plan in place, it’s time to start looking into the specific types of PPE you need to acquire. There may be some PPE that can be used in several different ways, enabling you to double up and save money, as well as making your implementation simpler. Start speaking to your PPE supplier immediately. The team at CHARNAUD® can help you to assess your needs and recommend the perfect PPE items for your company.
  2. Purchase Your PPE: After considering recommendations, looking at quotes and comparing the available equipment with your needs. Consider your budget but also make sure that you are getting the best quality gear you can, to keep your team safe at all times.
  3. Train Your Employees in The Use of PPE And the Protocols You Have Included In Your Plan: Even the best PPE is not much good if it is not used correctly. Create a thorough training programme, with your supplier’s help and advice to ensure that all your gear is properly used, worn, maintained and stored.

CHARNAUD®’s PPE Products

CHARNAUD® manufactures and supplies a wide range of PPE gear for a variety of working environments and hazards, including electrical, hot metal industry, fire-fighting and more. Make us a part of your PPE management plan and we will help you keep your employees thoroughly protected.

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CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE and how to incorporate it into your safety plans.

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