It is common knowledge that PPC & PPE is required for working under conditions of extreme heat, however, working in the cold presents just as many risks. It is vital for workers who spend their hours working in extremely cold conditions to wear protective equipment and clothing too. In this blog post, CHARNAUD® explains how to stay safe and avoid injury when working in cold conditions.

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PPC & PPE for Cold Conditions

Many workers are exposed to cold temperatures during their workdays. Workers who deal with foodstuff, for example, spending hours in cold storage, make their living in sub-zero conditions. People working in these kinds of occupations can suffer from a variety of consequences, ranging from prolonged discomfort to illnesses, to – in the most extreme situations – frost bite and similar symptoms of exposure to the cold. PPC& E is essential to protect workers against these risks.


CHARNAUD®’s ZERO-TECH® range is designed specifically for workers who work in 0 or sub-zero temperatures. These garments protect workers and enhance their performance with quilted, waterproof liners and flame-resistant fabric. Security and rescue workers, as well as those who work in cold storage and maintenance, all make use of ZERO-TECH® to keep them safe.

The head-to-foot® range includes boots and thermal socks to protect the feet, which are always the first parts of the body to feel the cold. Freezer jackets and trousers provide full-body protection. These garments have padded liners for extra insulation, as well as a waterproof barrier. In addition to guarding against the cold, they are also flame-resistant, thanks to an outer fabric that does not support combustion. The materials develop a carbon shield, which gives additional protection against flames.

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