As global experts in safety, CHARNAUD® understands the specific risks faced by frontline workers, especially Wildland fire-fighters. CHARNAUD® also knows that unique working conditions require unique safety solutions to keep fire-fighters safe. To answer to the needs of the industry, CHARNAUD® offers complete head-to-foot FIRE-SAFE® PPC&E specifically for fire-fighters.

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The Importance of FIRE-SAFE® Garments

Wildland firefighters face a host of highly unpredictable risks and often in rough, unforgiving terrain, so the complete set of PPC&E that they wear has to be suited to this specific kind of environment. CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® range offers a complete head-to foot solution. Helmets, offer physical protection from falling objects, airborne debris and head impact injury. Goggles provide good visibility in smoky, poor visibility and debri-laden environments, assisting fire-fighters to avoid hazards and identify potential threats to their safety.
Hand protection is also accounted for across the various types of environments in which fire-fighters work, including; wildland, brush and structural firefighting. is developed and designed to enable firefighters to stay safe and carry out their essential life-saving jobs. CHARNAUD’s® FIRE-SAFE® body protection for wildland fire-fighters includes the one-piece Coverall and the Bhulumlilo Bushfire Coverall. All CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® garments are permanently flame resistant and are therefore also suited for use in a number of other industries including; petroleum, explosives and oil and gas. CHARNAUD® is committed to keeping their customers safe.

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Essential workers like fire-fighters provide an important service just as frontline workers do, so it’s crucial that they wear the best PPC&E available on the market. Contact your CHARNAUD® representative today to discuss how you can keep your employees safe from flames and fire with the fully-certified garments and accessories in the CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® range.

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