Extremely cold conditions can be just as dangerous as excessively hot conditions. As leaders in PPC, CHARNAUD® has a range of PPC for workers in cold environments.
CHARNAUD®’s ZERO-TECH® is ideally designed to keep the wearer insulated in extremely cold conditions. CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® is suitable for a range of applications including those where the wearer faces the possibility of exposure to fire or flames CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® garments are flame resistant, warm and waterproof.

The Dangers of Cold Conditions

Cold conditions place a lot of physiological stress on the human body, and physiological stress can lead to mistakes, lapses in judgement and worst of all, death. Statistics report that in the US, 32% of all deaths caused by hypothermia happened while the victim was at work. Many occupations require people to work in cold conditions – first responders, oil and gas workers, and even construction workers face the hazards that come with working in very low temperatures. While extreme cold can be a result of the climate and weather, it can also be due to the type of work being done. People who work in liquid Nitrogen production or in the meat packing industry are required to spend long hours in industrial freezers.

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The Importance of Reliable Footwear in Cold Conditions

Aside from the hazards of working in extremely low temperatures, physical hazards also pose a risk to workers. Cold conditions are normally accompanied by other factors which means that floors and surfaces are slippery or wet. The CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® range includes the E20300 Safety Boot which provides insulation from cold temperatures and moisture as well as providing a non-slip sole on slippery or wet surfaces. Those who work in environments where they are exposed to the elements like rain, ocean spray and waves can benefit from the extra protection offered by the CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® range. The CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® Thermal Sock and E20300 Safety Boot, protect your feet while body protection is provided by the flame-resistant Freezer Jacket with collar or hood, and the flame-resistant Freezer Trouser.

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All CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® garments and protective wear are EN 532, EN 470 and EN 6530 tested. With full garment traceability, CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® is the wise choice when it comes to protecting workers who face extremely cold working conditions.

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