PPE for use in cold weather or cold storage is designed for warmth and comfort. The primary function of cold storage PPE is to help workers retain their body heat, and thus maintain their body temperature even in sub-zero conditions. Insulation is probably the biggest factor in ensuring this heat retention, but there is another consideration that people often overlook – moisture management. CHARNAUD® explains why this is so important when it comes to keeping workers warm in cold conditions.

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Why Moisture Management in Cold Conditions Is So Important

Moisture affects workers in cold conditions in two ways: from the exterior and from the interior. Firstly, water or dampness from the environment can very quickly reduce someone’s core body temperature. In cold environments, this water would have a very low temperature, and if it soaks into the worker’s garments, will cause the core temperature to drop, making working conditions uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. The water could even freeze. To prevent this exterior effect of moisture in cold environments, waterproof garments are essential.

On the other hand, water can affect a worker from inside their garments, as well. If workers wear heavy, warm clothing during their duties, as they should in a cold environment, they are likely to sweat considerably. Sweat and water vapour released from the body as workers exert themselves can also cool rapidly and cause the body temperature to plummet. To prevent this, cold weather PPE must include moisture-wicking layers, so that moisture is quickly absorbed and the skin is kept dry and warm.

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The CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® range was specially developed to fulfil these two primary functions of cold storage PPE. It includes freezer jackets, freezer trousers, thermal socks and safety boots, all designed with insulation, waterproofing and moisture-wicking in mind. The hooded freezer jacket, for example, includes a waterproof and heat-resistant outer layer that prevents water in the environment from making contact with the wearer’s skin. The padded inner includes a thick, quilted layer of 120g/sqm, which provides warmth and insulation and is also moisture-wicking. Workers in cold storage, cold weather conditions, foundries, chemical plants and the oil and gas industry, will all find ZERO-TECH® gear to be a highly effective addition to their operational equipment.

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. We can help workers of all occupations to protect themselves against the hazards of their daily tasks. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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