Saving lives starts with the correct PPE. Many industries across the world rely on specialised personal protective clothing and equipment PPE/C to keep employees safe. Whether employees work with molten aluminium, corrosive chemicals or are exposed to fire and flames – CHARNAUD® produces and supplies specialised PPE designed to keep employees safe from their workplace hazards. CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® is an innovative head-to-foot® range of PPE/C for structural and wildland fire-fighters as well as those who risk the negative thermal effects of fire and flames in their daily work.

FR Fabrics and Safety Certification

Selecting the most suitable PPE/C begins with understanding how your PPE/C should perform. Not all fabrics are designed to withstand the same hazards. Fire-fighting PPE/C calls for high performance fabrics that should be flame-resistant and durable. Durability comes from a combination of high-performance specialised fibres woven into a fabric and innovative garment design. An example would be a fire-fighter’s trousers which has reinforced fabrics in high stress and high contact area like the knees. A manufacturer may claim to supply garments that tick all the safety boxes, but the only way you can be sure that your PPE/C will keep you safe is to purchase PPE/C that is certified to the relevant standards for safety and performance in its industry. Heat stress is a problem that fire-fighters are always working to overcome, and certain fabrics can help or hinder performance. Fire-fighters work in extreme conditions where the heat of fire along with their robust and multi-layered PPE/C cause an increase in the body’s core temperature. For fire-fighters, heat and flames are inescapable, and so their PPE/C needs to deliver high performance and maximum protection. Breathability, and how garments are able to wick away moisture and help dissipate heat are all factors that must be considered when it comes to choosing your fire-fighting PPE/C. Flexibility and freedom of movement remain important factors; fire-fighters can perform a rescue in virtually any kind of conditions and they cannot afford to have their PPE/C hamper movement.

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Garment Design Affects Performance

The best kind of PPE/C is the intersection of comfort and protection. Well-designed PPE/C accounts for the natural movement of the human form, and the demands of the job. While comfort is relative, one should be able to wear their specialised PPE/C for the intended timeframe without it causing any significant physical stress. Physical stress is important to consider because physical stress causes unnecessary fatigue – all of which can lead to accidents on the job. Thermal protection is vital for fire-fighters, and their only means of protection is from their PPE/C.

Get in Touch with CHARNAUD for All Your Specialised PPE Requirements

There are many fire-fighting PPE/C suppliers, however not all can attest to supplying fully certified PPE/C.  Within the CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® range, CHARNAUD® offers head-to-foot® turnout gear for both wildland and structural firefighting. CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® is lightweight and more breathable than many other options on the market, making it the preferred choice for many industries where the thermal effects of fire and flames are a hazard. Contact CHARNAUD® for a quote.

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