It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – if you can’t see well, you cannot work well. Aside from the discomfort, poor visibility can be caused by something hazardous, be it smoke, chemical gases, VOC or airborne debris. Many industries have a need for very high-quality eye protection, including fire-fighting. The nature of their work means they need PPE/C that can withstand harsh conditions but keep the wearer safe and comfortable. CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® is an internationally certified range of flame-resistant PPE and PPC designed specifically for people like fire-fighters.

Harsh Conditions Demand Tough Eye Protection

Unimpeded vision is vitally important for a fire-fighter during a rescue. Both structural and wildland fire-fighters require eye protection for the hazards of the job, whether its extreme heat, ash, smoke or airborne particulates. Eye protection in the form of visors, goggles or safety glasses provides a physical barrier that works to protect a fire-fighter’s eyes. However, eye protection for fire-fighters calls for enhanced safety features and therefore should be both durable and flexible, as well as reasonably comfortable and relatively lightweight. A fire-fighter’s chosen eye protection must be made to withstand harsh conditions and should not crack when exposed to high temperatures. It is best to choose eye protection that is certified and manufactured to a high standard.

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Fit for Purpose

Eye protection for fire-fighting is non-negotiable. Not all eye protection offers the same features and levels of protection. Before choosing which eye protection is right for your employees out in the field, one must first assess all the occupational risks and hazards of the job. Goggles and visors may look the same but may fit differently and may not offer the same level of protection. One of the most important aspects is to ensure that one’s eye protection fits well – poorly fitting eye protection increases the risk of injury from potential exposure to harmful particulates, debris and VOCs.

Recommended Aftercare and Maintenance Guidelines

All PPE/C has its limits and improper use and care will negatively affect its performance. Harmful substances and VOC’s can build up on PPE/C and protective eyewear over time, and that is why it’s important to clean protective eyewear regularly. PPE/C, including eye protection, must be cleaned, maintained and stored as per the supplier or manufacturer’s recommendations.

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The eyes are the most important tools in virtually any industry – including fire-fighting. Fire-fighters deserve the best protection to perform their vital services to the community, and the best protection comes from specialised, certified personal protective clothing and equipment. Contact your CHARNAUD® agent to inquire about some of the best specialised fire-fighting PPE/C available on the market.

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