CHARNAUD® designed the CHARNAUD®  ZERO-TECH® PPE range to protect workers who must operate in severely cold conditions. The primary goal with this range is protection against the cold; so long as the garments keep workers warm and keeps sub-zero elements at bay, there is really no limit to what can be done with them. Here are some suggestions as to what industries and occupations can make use of CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH®.

Versatile Protection Against Extreme Cold

The most obvious use for CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® is in occupations that involve cold storage. The garments’ resistance to low temperatures makes them perfect for workers who need to spend hours inside cold rooms or walk-in freezers, for example in the food and beverage industries.

However, the range has many other uses. Here are some other industries in which CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® garments will come in useful:

  • Security: if security staff must work in icy conditions, either indoors or outdoors, CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® is exactly what they need to wear to stay warm, comfortable and alert.
  • Rescue: Sometimes, rescue workers are called upon to venture into snowy or icy conditions to offer emergency aid to others. Our garments will enable them to do so.
  • Maintenance: doing repair or maintenance work in the winter, or in the inhospitable conditions of locations such as mines, can be very difficult if workers are not kept warm and insulated. Once again, CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® is the ideal solution.

In fact, in any occupation you can think of where cold conditions presents a significant challenge, CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® will offer durable, dependable, versatile protection against the cold.

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What Does The ZERO-TECH® Range Include?

The CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® range consists primarily of a flame-resistant freezer jacket with hood, and flame-resistant freezer trousers. You can add FR thermal socks and our E20300 safety boots for added protection. Check out our product page to learn more about the range.

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