CHARNAUD®’s range of CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® PPE is designed specifically for workers who need to operate in wet conditions. It consists of PVC-coated jackets, trousers and suits. The key to its waterproof protection is the PVC-coating. What is PVC coating and how does it make CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® so effective?

What Are PVC-Coated Fabrics?

CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® is made with PVC-coated fabrics. These consist of a base fabric with a coat of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) on one side. PVC is a plastic with highly effective waterproof and dirt-proof qualities. It is also UV resistant and extremely durable.

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How Does PVC Coating Benefit CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® Garments

The primary benefit of PVC is its waterproofing qualities. It keeps water from soaking through the fabric to the wearer’s skin. Instead, water simply rolls off the surface of the garments, keeping the wearer dry. PVC-coated garments are also extremely durable, ensuring many hours of dependable waterproof wear. CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® garments also have stitched seams and are high frequency welded to ensure that the garment maintains a powerful watertight seal. Aside from weather resistance and durability, CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® garments are also flexible, allowing comfort and a full range of motion to the wearer. The enhanced abrasion resistance of PVC means that these garments are rugged and can avoid tears and perforations under even the toughest working conditions.

Thanks to these qualities, CHARNAUD® AQUA-TECH® is the perfect choice when it comes to PPE for workers who need sturdy, reliable, durable, weather-resistant garments.

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