Working with molten metal is extremely hazardous. The high temperatures of molten metal can cause severe burns and permanent disfigurement. Naturally, you want to protect your workers from head to foot® if they are working with molten metal. A quality set of hot metal PPE will protect against most of the risks, as long as it includes high-heat footwear, such as CHARNAUD®’s METAL-SAFE® Hot Metal Boots.

Ensure Safety Against Molten Aluminium with Quality Footwear

When it comes to protecting workers’ feet in hot molten metal environments, a regular safety boot is not enough. A specially designed hot metal boot is essential. This boot provides additional protection against molten metal splash, heat and flames. This is in addition to the usual protection against heavy weights and violent impacts that you would expect from an industrial safety boot.

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The CHARNAUD® ALU-SAFE® Hot Metal Boot

Catering directly to the special requirements of the metal industries, CHARNAUD® designed the CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® range of hot metal PPE. While we do have a standard safety boot that can be used with most of our other ranges, we created a special molten metal safety boot to complement the garments in the ALU-SAFE® and CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® collection. The CHARNAUD® Hot Metal Boot includes a leather lining, a removable anatomic in-sock that includes both hot and cold insulation, a heat resistant rubber outsole that also resists acid and oil, and a toe cap made from a light non-magnetic composite built to resist up to 200J of impact.

In addition, the CHARNAUD® Hot Metal Boot includes an external metatarsal guard for extra protection against molten metal. It also provides extra impact protection for up to 100J.

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