It’s fire season in many parts of the world and with that comes the ideal opportunity to review your personnel’s firefighting PPE. Fire, in whatever form or environment, is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. No matter the situation a firefighter may find themselves in, one thing remains: the need for top-quality firefighting PPE. CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® is a head-to-foot® range of personal protective equipment and clothing (PPE/C) for structural and wildland firefighting.

Head Protection is Essential

A firefighter faces a multitude of familiar and unpredictable hazards whilst performing their duties, and the only way they can ensure they stay safe on the job is to ensure they’re wearing the correct PPE/C. Even the most experienced firefighters cannot predict if they’ll sustain an impact injury, from falling debris. Head protection is designed to keep the wearer’s head, eyes and mouth safe from harm. Depending on the nature of the fire and the environment in which they are working, firefighting head protection can range from a hard hat and balaclava to a specialised cushion-lined helmet.

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Specialised PPE Saves Lives

Despite how experienced a structural firefighter may be, they can only perform their duty with the correct PPE. Protective clothing and equipment like bunker suits, breathing apparatus and head protection are what help to keep a firefighter safe and enable to continually to perform their duty. Structural fires present many dangers including the chance of poor or limited visibility, falling debris and exposure to airborne VOC’s. A firefighter’s helmet is a vitally important part of their PPE arsenal – a good helmet will allow them to move around with relative ease as well as help to keep their field of vision as clear as possible. Not all firefighting helmets can boast the same unique qualities, and choosing a specialised firefighting helmet from a reputable PPE manufacturer or supplier makes all the difference in a life-or-death scenario. Offering full head protection, the CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® Structural Firefighting Helmet has many outstanding features, such as:

  • A lightweight, chip-and-crack-resistant thermoplastic shell that can withstand exposure to high temperatures;
  • A foam cap and shock-absorbent tube which offers improved thermal protection;
  • An edge-trim made of ultra-high temperature material (TPR) that will not drip or melt;
  • A 4” ballistic-grade visor that is non-corrosive and can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 260°C/ 500°F;
  • A glass-filled polymer face shield which is anti-fog and scratch-resistant on the interior and exterior faces;
  • A cushion-lined inner that can be removed for cleaning or replacement, and;
  • A flame-resistant chin strap and a rear ratchet for adjusting the height of the helmet.

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A firefighter can only perform as well as their PPE, but not all firefighting personal protective equipment and clothing are made equal. Contact CHARNAUD® to know more about the CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® range, especially for personnel who face the hazards of fire and flames in their daily work.

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