When winter sets in, workers often have a tough time staying productive in icy conditions. Not only is it uncomfortable and unpleasant to work in the cold, but low temperatures can affect mobility, dexterity and decision making, Extreme cold makes it more difficult for workers to stay on task, and even increases the risk of injury. Quality PPE is needed to keep workers moving comfortably. CHARNAUD® explains how quality PPE can keep workers warm, mobile and productive.

Maintaining Workflow In The Cold

Most workers have experienced the difficulty of staying productive in the cold – handling tools with numb fingers, trying to stay focused while shivering in sub-zero temperatures. It is essential, for the sake of both safety and productivity, that workers stay warm as they carry out their tasks. For this reason, employers should provide personal protective equipment/clothing designed specifically for cold conditions – such as the CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® range.

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CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® is a range of garments designed to protect and enhance workers’ performance in cold conditions. In addition to catering to mine workers, rescue workers and maintenance personnel in a variety of settings, it is also ideal for people working in large industrial freezers. It includes flame-resistant freezer jackets and trousers, made from 100% FR cotton with a waterproof quilted liner. The outer fabric does not melt and is flame resistant and develops a carbon shield, when exposed to flame, which provides additional protection.

Thermal socks and warm gloves are essential for workers in cold conditions, and CHARNAUD® provides both. The CHARNAUD® ZERO-TECH® range includes thermal socks, and we also offer a range of gloves for various applications across all our ranges.

Come To CHARNAUD® To Get Your Crew Fitted With The Best PPE

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. We can help workers of all occupations to protect themselves against the hazards of their daily tasks. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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