Wildland firefighting is a challenging and hazardous occupation. To protect you during your firefighting duties in the forests, plantations and grasslands, you require good PPE and protective clothing, but you also need a sturdy, resilient backpack in which you can carry the essential supplies you will need. CHARNAUD® introduces the new Wildland Backpack, designed for exactly this purpose.

The Perfect Backpack for Wildland Firefighters

The Wildland Backpack is the ideal accessory for wildland firefighters. It is made from tough, breathable material. It can carry all the essential equipment that firefighters may need. Its carrying capacity includes a 3-litre bladder for water, as well as a holster for a 2-way radio. The customisable storage space can store sufficient food and other essentials to last through the punishing, extended shifts that wildland firefighters often face. It is also very ergonomic in design, being comfortable to wear and carry, while allowing firefighters to move freely and without hindrance.

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Firefighting Equipment

The Wildland Backpack is the latest addition to CHARNAUD®’s extensive range of firefighting equipment. It is the ideal accessory to add to the head-to-toe protection of our CHARNAUD® FIRE-SAFE® PPE range, which includes Bunker suits, Rescue suits, jackets, trousers, helmets, balaclavas, gloves and boots.

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CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. We can help equip firefighters – whether wildland or structural – to face all the possible risks of their work. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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