There are two main risks of poor PPE compliance. The first risk is the health and safety of staff and the second is the legal consequences should an accident occur under your watch. CHARNAUD® elaborate on the health and safety risks, and legal consequences, to ensure that your team stay safe and compliant while on the clock.

The Two Main Risks of Poor PPE Compliance

Continue reading to learn the two major risks that follow poor PPE compliance. Remember, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team are compliant with the PPE regulations. For more information on PPE, visit our blog page.

Risks of Poor PPE Compliance: Injury

Poor PPE compliance and injury go hand in hand. Appropriate protective wear such as safety boots, hard hats, gloves, protective overalls and eyewear prevents burns, cuts, slips and inhaling toxic fumes.

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Risk of Poor PPE Compliance #1: Injury

This is the most obvious risk and should be the first and foremost concern of any employer. The correct PPE protects the body which prevents injury. The degree of injury can vary, but in worst case scenarios, poor PPE compliance can result in disability or even death. Employees need to be provided with correctly fitting PPE/C that is appropriate for the risks they face. For example, industries that pose risks to an individual’s eyes require eye protection in the form of goggles, visors or spectacles to protect the loss of eyesight or physical injury, and industries that require individuals to operate certain heavy machinery may require safety boots to prevent serious physical injury that could lead to amputation should an  incident occur. Once a person is disabled, the damage is permanent however with the correct PPE from a reputable PPE supplier, such as CHARNAUD®, this can be prevented.

Risk of Poor PPE Compliance #2: Legal Risks

Once the accident has happened, you are not allowed to let your employee back to work. Besides your employee being injured; the legal implications especially if the employee was not within the health and safety regulations, will result in an investigation that will need to be conducted before production or work can continue. You, as a company, are liable for any injury onsite. Your culpability increases in severity if the PPE you provide your employees is not within the health and safety regulations for the job to be completed safely. The risk of poor PPE compliance has severe implications; however, this is completely avoidable through investing in quality protective garments and ensuring that your employees are compliant with the regulations.

Trust CHARNAUD® For All Your PPE Requirements

Poor PPE compliance does not just put your business at stake, but also the livelihoods of your employees. CHARNAUD® is a supplier of certified, quality PPE for a variety of industries. Contact us today for advice and quotations on PPE for your team.

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