The effectiveness of PPE depends heavily on how well it is stored, cleaned and maintained. Many people believe several myths about storing, cleaning and maintaining PPE. In so doing, they lower the effectiveness and life expectancy of their safety gear. CHARNAUD® has identified five of the most common – here is the truth about them.

The Truth About 5 Widely Accepted PPE Myths

Do you believe any of the following myths about PPE? If so, it is important that you learn the truth so that you can extend the lifespan of your equipment.

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Myth 1. Where Gear Is Stored Is More Important Than How It Is Stored

The truth is that these two factors are equally important. Your PPE must be stored properly, AND it must also be stored in the correct place.

Myth 2. Minor Cuts, Burns and Tears Are Nothing to Worry About

You must never ignore minor cuts on your PPE. Any breach in even one layer of protective clothing must be addressed immediately. Heat, smoke or chemicals and other hazardous materials can easily get into any rupture in the protective covering.

Myth 3. Frequent Laundering Can Diminish PPE’s Protective Qualities

This is a myth! The efficacy of high-quality PPE will not be adversely affected by frequent laundering, provided it is done in accordance with the wash and care guidelines provided. The garment will not lose any of its protective properties, so there is no reason not to keep your PPE clean and presentable.

Myth 4. Dirty Gear Is Just a Sign of Experience

Following from the last point, there is a belief that there is no harm in dirty PPE, and that it actually just serves as a badge of honour for the worker who wears it, showing that they have earned their stripes. This is a potentially dangerous myth. The by-products of some jobs can compromise the integrity of the protective layers if they are allowed to remain on the safety gear. Some by-products of fires are themselves combustible, for example.

Myth 5. The Care of Backup Gear Is Not as Important As That Of The Primary Gear

It is important to have a backup suit for all of workers on duty, because you never know when a primary set of PPE might fail or get damaged. In order for the backup to be of any use, however, it is vital that it is cared for in the same way as the main set.

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