PPE and PPC is multifaceted, consisting of a combination of items that are generally used together; to maximize workers’ safety. In addition, these items differ in design and function across various industries. That being said, there are at least five general categories of essential PPE that each company needs for its employees. CHARNAUD® lists the five essential types of PPE and PPC, together with examples from our own product line, that your crew needs to stay safe.

5 Essential PPE and PPC Items Your Crew Must Have

When shopping for PPE/C, there is no need to get overwhelmed by the various product lines on offer. All you need to do is remember that you need five essential items per member of your crew. The details are fairly easy to work out from that point. The five essential items are protective headwear, gloves, shoes or boots, protective clothing, and face protection. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

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1. Protective Headwear

It is very important to prevent head injuries, as these can often be fatal, or at least cause injuries with lasting, incapacitating consequences. Helmets and hardhats are thus among the most important items you can issue to your staff or visitors to your site or facility. The type of headwear will differ from sector to sector. Fire-fighters will want to wear structural firefighting helmets, complete with transparent visors, while those in the electrical industry will need SURVIVE-ARC® Dielectric hardhats, together with a balaclava and goggle kit or face shield. .

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2. Gloves

The hands are the parts of the body that are the most susceptible to potential threats throughout the workday, so a good pair of gloves is non-negotiable for all kinds of workers from fire-fighters to electricians and metal workers. Electrical workers need a good pair of insulating rubber gloves, such as those in our SURVIVE-ARC® range, while fire- fighters would need to be issued with FIRE-SAFE® synthetic leather extrication/ rescue gloves, with reinforcement on the palms and fingers.

3. Protection For the Face

Face shields and goggles help to protect the eyes, mouth and other facial features against heat or chemicals. CHARNAUD® supplies a range face shields and balaclavas to suit different job specifications. These include the FIRE-SAFE® firefighter’s balaclava, SURVIVE-ARC® double-layer balaclava and integrated face shield kits. .

4. Proper Footwear

Protective shoes, boots and socks make up the fourth level of essential PPE. CHARNAUD®’s ALU-SAFE® hot metal boot is designed for workers who operate in smelters and furnaces. They include in-socks with anti-bacterial properties, including hot and cold insulation. On the other hand, for those who work in cold conditions, the ZERO-TECH® range features thermal socks and E20300 safety boots to keep the feet warm and comfortable.

5. Protective Clothing

Finally, protective trousers, overalls, shirts and coats complete the protective measures workers need to keep injury at bay during working hours. Each of CHARNAUD®’s ranges, from ZERO-TECH® to FIRE-SAFE®, feature clothing items specifically designed to guard workers against the elements and potential risks.

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