As world leaders in PPE, CHARNAUD® is continuously evolving it product offerings to be the leaders in the market place. Continuous evolution means a steadfast commitment to ongoing research and development to improve on all the factors that make up CHARNAUD® personal protective clothing and equipment. The important factors that come together to create world-class protective clothing include, amongst others; fit and flexibility. A correctly fitting garment not only enhances the physical safety of the wearer, but also facilitates the wearer to perform to the best of their ability.

PPE to Support Workers in The Most Hazardous Environments

The Bhulumlilo coverall is part of the FIRE-SAFE® range; developed and designed by CHARNAUD®. The CHARNAUD® Bhulumlilo® coverall is designed for use in wildland fire-fighting and emergency rescue. Wildland fire fighting is an extremely hazardous job often undertaken in rough terrain and a host of unpredictable elements. Wildland fire-fighting is an intensely physical job, often requires fire-fighters to climb over obstacles or lift and move heavy or cumbersome objects. It is crucial that their PPE supports them every step of the way. CHARNAUD® has applied its in-depth knowledge and understanding of the risks of wildland and bush fire-fighting to update its Bhulumlilo® coverall for improved safety and performance.

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Always Evolving to Bring You the Best

Made from permanently flame-resistant fabric, the CHARNAUD® Bhulumlilo® coverall is designed for workers who face risks associated with close contact with fire or flames. As part of its commitment to keeping your workers safe, CHARNAUD® has made some key updates to their Bhulumlilo® coverall. The existing design features have been supplemented with;

  • An Action Back to allow for better garment flexibility when rotating the upper torso.
  • Reinforced knees for added thermal insulation.
  • High neck collar for better protection against heat exposure.
  • Velcro sleeve cuff closure, to seal off the interior of the suit from external heat sources and smoke.
  • Orange coverall with navy accents and lime/silver reflective tape offers improved daytime and low light visibility.

Order All Your PPE from CHARNAUD® Today

With the change of season, South Africa is now entering the most dangerous time of the year for wildland and bush fires. Make sure your team of fire-fighters are safe and able to perform at their best by equipping them in the CHARNAUD® Bhulumlilo® coverall. Contact CHARNAUD® today regarding the Bhulumlilo® coverall.

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