Employers have a legal duty to maintain a safe and risk-free environment. Many working environments require PPE, but choosing PPE can be a challenge. Employers should understand the qualities of different PPE and utilise the correct protective equipment to maintain a safe environment for their employees. At CHARNAUD®, we provide an extensive range of PPE items, along with information on how to choose PPE and use items to maximise their effectiveness.

How To Choose PPE For Your Workplace

Below are five factors to take into consideration when choosing PPE for your workplace. You can visit our news page for more information on how to choose PPE.

1. Proper Fit

Make sure that the protective items allow your employees to complete their work tasks without causing difficulties. When choosing PPE, ensure the correct fit and that the garment allows for a full range of motion. Remember that PPE is not one-size-fits-all. You must take your employee’s body shapes into account and choose PPE that fits each employee perfectly.

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2. Weight

The weight of PPE is another important factor to consider when choosing PPE as it will affect your employee’s range of movement. Heavy PPE will put your employees at risk of work fatigue, which will affect their overall productivity and performance in the workplace. For that reason, lightweight PPE is often the preferred option, although you must ensure that the materials are strong enough to withstand damage and be “fit for purpose”.

3. Comfort

When choosing PPE for your workplace, you must consider the comfort of your employees. If the PPE is uncomfortable to wear, then it is likely to distract employees from their work tasks and may result in injuries. Make sure that the PPE has a comfortable fit and offers sufficient airflow to avoid heat stress. This is especially important during hot or humid months or where employees are exposed to high heat environments.

4. Workplace Hazards

There is a huge variety of PPE available, including gloves, shoes, glasses, masks, and so on. The best PPE for your workplace will depend on your workplace hazards and the perceived level of risk. Ideally, a risk assessment for each category of employee should be undertaken to ensure that the correct PPE can be provided. For instance, employees handling large machinery should wear gloves to protect their hands from injuries. Identify potential hazards and then research different PPE types to determine which items are suitable for your workplace.

5. Design

Make sure that the PPE you purchase for your workplace is well-designed and made from quality materials. Choosing PPE with quality features will encourage your employees to wear protective clothing and follow your workplace health and safety policies when it comes to PPE. This, in turn, should reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring in the workplace.

Choose The Right PPE For Your Workplace With CHARNAUD®

Get in touch with us today if you would like more information on how to choose PPE for your workplace. We can help you choose, use, and maintain PPE equipment effectively in your workplace.

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