The effectiveness of PPE in preventing infection and workplace injury depends on several interlocking factors. Quality PPE equipment will keep you safe provided you are wearing it correctly, putting it on correctly – and removing it correctly. It is not enough to simply wear your PPE when in a hazardous environment. Failure to remove gear in the correct order could result in contamination and negate the equipment’s protective effects. CHARNAUD® offers an easy-to-follow guide to the proper removal of PPE.

5 Steps to Remove PPE Properly

PPE is extremely topical at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has been a central topic in several industries for a very long time. PPE suppliers, such as CHARNAUD®, as well as regulatory bodies and employers, have always made efforts to train workers in the proper removal of PPE, as this is an important step in terms of correct usage. Nonetheless, many people still get the order wrong, and this is a mistake that can have dire consequences. Here, in simple, step-by-step form, is the correct way to remove PPE. Read our blog for more tips and advice on all varieties of PPE.

1. Remove Gloves

The first step is to remove gloves in a way that does not cause any contamination of the hands. There are a number of different techniques for the safe doffing of gloves. Two of the most common are glove-in-glove and bird-beak- you can google quick videos on how to do this. The aim is to ensure that your bare hands never touch the contaminated outer area of the gloves.

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2. Remove Gown/Coat/Overall

Next, undo all buttons or ties on whatever equipment you are using to cover your body, be it a surgical gown, a lab coat, etc. Once you have gently removed all fastenings, reach up to the shoulders and carefully pull the garment down and away. Immediately dispose of the garment in the provided receptacle. Be careful not to touch any nearby surfaces or your face whilst you are still removing contaminated gear.

3. Perform Hand Hygiene

At this point, with face protection gear still in place, you should go through your handwashing regime, ensuring that your hands are thoroughly sanitised.

4. Remove Face Shield or Goggles

If you are wearing a shield or goggles on your face, you can now remove these by grabbing the strap and pulling upwards and away. Be very careful not to touch the front outer area of the shield or goggles.

5. Remove Respirator or Facemask

Finally, you can remove your facemask or respirator – whichever is applicable, being careful to keep your hands away from the front part of the equipment. Remove the straps of the respirator by grasping them and bringing them carefully over the head. Untie or unhook the straps of the facemask, keeping fingers away from the front.

Having completed these steps, especially in a medical environment, it is advisable to wash your hands again before leaving the work area.

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