Knowing how to correctly use and maintain your PPE in any industry is just as important as having it to begin with. While it is the company’s responsibility to provide the relevant PPE, it is also the responsibility of the employee to ensure that it is used and maintained.
At CHARNAUD®, we supply a wealth of PPE items for the workplace, as well as guidance on how to use them.

Using PPE in the Workplace: 5 Rules

Below are five key points to remember regarding the safe and proper use of your PPE. You can find more information about a variety of PPE equipment on our news page.

1. Use Items Correctly

It’s not enough to simply have PPE, if it’s not being worn correctly. Improper wearing could see PPE being ineffective. With this in mind, always make sure to read instructions and understand how to wear all items.

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2. Always Inspect It

Get into the habit of inspecting your garments correctly to make sure all PPE items are working as they should.

3. Make Sure to Keep Items Clean

Cleanliness is important to ensure that your PPE functions correctly and making sure you can use items effectively. Keeping PPE clean means it’s always in its best state, and cleaning items like eyewear means you can always clearly (and safely) see what you’re doing. You can find more information on how to clean PPE here.

4. Ensure You Keep All Items with You

Never risk forgetting your items at home or moving through a place of work without the necessary equipment. Keep PPE within reach at all times, and double-check that you have what you need at all times.

5. Replace When Needed

PPE will expire after regular use, so always replace your PPE when needed to ensure maximum protection.

Use Your PPE the Right Way with CHARNAUD®

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of key items of PPE. If you require advice regarding how to wear, maintain and replace your PPE, please contact us at any time.

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