Do you work in the hot metal industry? If you do, then you need to ensure that both yourself and your team are kept safe on-site at all times.

As well as ensuring that you carry out regular risk assessments so that you can put practices into place to keep your workers safe, you also need to invest in high-quality industry certified METAL-SAFE® ® gear.

Fortunately, if you are looking for the best hot metal protective wear on the market, then look no further. The CHARNAUD® Metal-Safe® range offers complete protection against all hazards that you and your team may encounter while working in the hot metal industry.

What Does CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® Gear® Offer?

Whether you work in smelters, cast houses, furnaces, or with severe hot metal applications, the CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® range of protective personal equipment will keep you and your employees protected around the clock. You can see our blog for details.

METAL-SAFE® ® Gear Is Flame-Resistant

This range of personal protective equipment offers complete protection against molten red-metal splash, radiant heat, flames, and the hazards of welding. Plus, with a head-to-foot range of protective garments and accessories, you can ensure your employees are fully protected at all times.

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Metal-Safe® Gear Is Fully Certified

When the lives of your workers are at stake, you need to ensure that the personal protective equipment you choose is of the highest quality. All CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® gear is certified to leading international standards, meaning that you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are adhering to health and safety regulations and will not be liable for any injuries that do occur.

Metal-Safe® Gear Is Comfortable

As well as safeguarding your employees, you also want to make sure that they are able to carry out their jobs as comfortably as possible. CHARNAUD® hot metal protective wear is made to be durable and flexible.

Metal-Safe Gear® Uses The Latest Technology

When it comes to protecting your workers, you want PPE that uses the latest technological innovations in hot metal protection. From using fabrics that offer guaranteed flame-resistance for the entire life of the garment. All garments and accessories in the CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® range use the latest fabric technology to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Discover Metal-Safe® PPE From CHARNAUD® Today

Get in touch here today if you want to ensure your team is safeguarded against molten metal splash, arc flashes, and radiant heat, and discover how our hot metal protective clothing can make your workplace safer.

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