If you are not overly concerned about the risk of arc-flashes, then prepare yourself to be shocked. The facts below will show just how dangerous and severe an incident of this nature can be.

From never really knowing when you are at risk of an arc-flash to just how much heat can be produced when one occurs, keep reading to discover why you need the right PPE to safeguard your team from arc-flashes.

Five Facts You Need To Know About Arc-Flashes

An arc-flash occurs when an electrical discharge travels through the air and releases an intense burst of energy. This can be caused by gaps in insulation, cable strikes, voltage spikes or worn-out connections.

Doesn’t sound so bad?

Without the right personal protective equipment, it is not only life-threatening, but it can, in fact, be life-ending.

1. Arc-Flashes Can Produce Heat of Over 20,000ºC

An arc flash can produce some of the highest temperatures on the planet with the potential heat from the initial blast reaching over 20,000 0C. To put that into perspective, that is four times hotter than the temperature on the sun!

Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your team from arc-flashes by investing in the latest arc flash protective wear.

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2. Arc-Flashes Are Extremely Powerful

A single arc flash can send an electrical worker soaring across the room and penetrate their body, even if they are up to 10 feet away! How is this possible? During an arc flash incident, copper can expand at up to 67,000 times its volume, spraying droplets of molten metal at super-fast speeds.

3. Arc-Flashes Can Cause Permanent Ear Damage

Not only does it emit light and heat, but an arc flash also produces a sound magnitude of 140 dB at 2 feet from the arc. This can result in long-term hearing loss and ear damage.

4. Arc-Flashes Are Responsible For 10% of All Electrical Injuries

If you think arc-flashes are rare, then think again. Although the exact number is unknown, it is suspected that there are around 30,000 incidents a year.

5. Arc-Flashes Can Cause Permanent Blindness

The light that is generated from an arc flash can cause; not only temporary vision loss, but in some cases, it leads to permanent blindness.

Protect Your Team From Arc-Flashes with the SURVIVE-ARC® Range from CHARNAUD

If you want your electrical staff to be safe, you need to invest in head-to-foot protective wear that has been designed to withstand the effects of an arc flash. Contact us here for more information on our PPE for electrical workers.

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