Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is only as effective as the way it is used. CHARNAUD PPE will work to protect you in a variety of industrial and hospital settings, but you must know how to clean PPE effectively to safeguard your health and prolong your equipment.

How to Clean PPE

Single-use PPE must be handled correctly to provide the right coverage and protection. Reusable PPE must be properly cleaned and cared for. Without the correct care regimen and aftercare in place, your PPE won’t be as effective and could even pose a hazard. The right regimen will also prolong its lifespan and your investment. In this blog post we will identify three methods on how to clean PPE.

How to Clean Your PPE

How you need to clean your PPE will depend on its manufacture recommendations. Typically, there are three main options to effectively clean and sterilise your PPE before the next use. You can steam it, launder it, or clean it.

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Use Hot Steam Cleaning

Hot steam cleaning is a very useful way to kill viruses and bacteria from surfaces you cannot launder. The steam is at a high enough temperature to burn away contaminants and sterilise your PPE. It is not suitable for PPE that cannot handle hot temperatures.

Any residual moisture that has been left behind in the steaming process should be promptly removed with a soft cloth.

Follow Attached Laundering Procedures

Your PPE will typically come with laundering instructions if it is meant to be laundered. Follow these instructions precisely to reactivate its effectiveness and to keep your PPE in good condition.

Use Sanitiser for Internal Cleaning

When cleaning is recommended, you will first want to clean the surface down to remove it from any organic matter. Organic matter can deactivate certain cleaning ingredients and make sterilization, even with an alcohol-based cleaner, less effective. Once it is clean, you will want to use a 70% alcohol sanitiser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cleaning Supplies Should You Use?

For sanitiser, always use an alcohol-based mixture with at least 70% alcohol. For any soaps, use what you have. Soap works to deactivate and remove the virus in a two-pronged approach, and the type of soap does not matter.

How Often Should I Deep Clean My PPE?

You should deep clean your PPE after every use to remove traces of contamination, reactivate any active processes, and to protect your health moving forward. This applies to everything, from helmets to masks. Cleaning your PPE as per manufacturer recommendation after you use it will keep it in great working order.

This is particularly important for any PPE used to protect against viruses or bacteria, as left unchecked PPE can actually become a breeding ground of contamination. Deep cleaning using steam, laundering, or an alcohol-based sanitiser must be done properly and effectively to keep you and all your loved ones protected.

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CHARNAUD can provide the top-notch PPE you need to stay safe, but only through deep cleaning and careful maintenance can you get the full range of benefits from your high-quality personal protective equipment at work. Contact CHARNAUD today to discuss your PPE needs.

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