CHARNAUD is a leading global supplier of protective clothing, and manufactures certified products, made for head-to-foot safety in any environment. CHARNAUD is committed to the safety and satisfaction of their customers, and constantly strives to deliver products that are on the cutting edge of innovation. They are also committed to saving lives through the quality, technology and certifications of their products. Their core value is to make protective clothing like their lives depend on it, because every single day, there are people across the world that are putting their lives on the line for others in the work that they do.

A Fire Broke Out in Pietermaritzburg

On 21 July 2020, a fire broke out at the Pietermaritzburg’s New England landfill site, and was out of control. Fire-fighters had been putting their lives on the line and working tirelessly to put out the fires, and were yet to succeed by 24 July. Fire-fighters endure extreme temperatures of heat and are also exposed to many toxic fumes, and so it is essential that these heroes are equipped with the best possible protective gear.

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CHARNAUD Stepped Up to Help

In an effort to assist, CHARNAUD donated fire-fighting PPE to the fire-fighters, to provide them with head-to-foot protection. Part of the donation included the new CHARNAUD Fire-Safe® balaclava, which comes with a disposable KN95 activated carbon mask, which greatly assisted the fire-fighters. This carbon filtering method allows fire-fighters to breath in clean air while working in a situation where they are highly exposed to volatile fumes. The balaclava itself is flame-resistant and has excellent radiant heat protection, which helped the fire-fighters stay cooler during those long treacherous hours of fire-fighting.

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