CHARNAUD is a leader in industrial protective equipment, and it is our commitment to quality and safety that has enabled us to move from industrial rainwear into multiple disciplines and with global distribution.

CHARNAUD’s History of Excellence

We have been in the business of protective equipment since 1975 when our founders Fiona and Andrew CHARNAUD began to manufacture industrial rainwear. Every step we take is designed to provide better protection and better equipment to those in South Africa and beyond.

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“Innovative Development of Quality Products that create Customer Confidence” is our mission statement, and we have worked towards fulfilling that vision since day one.

Our Hardworking Team

Part of what makes CHARNAUD stand apart from the rest is our hardworking team. The specialists working for us come from across continents and are chosen because they have the potential to help our business grow. They are the powerhouse behind our product development. They are what makes our customer service so exceptional.

It takes a great team to succeed on five continents, and we cannot do that without our partners and staff.

A Business That Grows Socially

We know we wouldn’t be anywhere without the people on our team and our customers, which is why we prioritise ethical conduct, employee development, and quality-driven customer service. We work with suppliers to provide the best working environment for everyone along our supply chain and are always working to improve the environmental impact of our PPE and equipment.

National & International Certifications

Our success stems from our commitment to safety, which is why CHARNAUD’s safety standards are second to none. All of our products carry National and International certifications of safety and quality. Not only are we always innovating and developing better, safer products, but we are also ISO 9001:2015 registered.

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Our Awards & Achievements

Our awards and achievements are always expanding as we delve deeper into protective equipment and design newer, better PPE for those in all industries.


We began making industrial rainwear, but today we offer protective gear for firefighters, smelters, miners, oil & gas engineers, utilities, and petrochemical specialists. We are a primary aluminium smelter, have launched our own range of head to foot products to protect workers from thermal damage and electric arc flashes since 2005, and are a global supplier.

One of our biggest achievements is certainly expanding outside of South Africa to have both a UK office and an EU distribution centre to ensure that workers around the globe have high-quality protective gear.


Our business model is one of excellence, and we have been recognised for this in the KZN Exporter of the Year Awards as a finalist in the “Africa Medium” category. We will always continue to strive to provide the best products and services and are always pleased when our hard work is recognised.

Get in Touch with the PPE Industry Experts

CHARNAUD sets itself apart from the rest through its ongoing commitment to its customers and by continually developing better PPE and protective gear for those in dangerous occupations. Our customers deserve to be safe, and they deserve the best that we have to give. Reach out to find out more.

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